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  • Madeleine Boyce

Learning Unreal Engine: The Beginning

As part of my 2nd year animation university course we must learn Unreal Engine. This is the beginning of that project. I was inspired by Beatrix Potter and wanted to create something that would emulate an imperfect but cheerful painting, I went with showcasing an environment. Through sourcing assets I was able to create the beginnings of a teapot bakery, which I hope to make more obvious as I go. The shader I created by following and combining tutorials; I'm still not happy with it as the final style. I'd like it to look even more painterly and water coloured, although I will have to figure out how to do this. I added volumetric fog in order to create an early morning look. It ended up being effective at making it look more painterly, however it took away massively from the colour (expectedly) but now I must figure out how to put it back without losing the fog effect.

< Before the fog

< With fog, without toon shader

I am happy with the progress I have made so far, however I feel as though the more I do, the more there is to do! I also added a firefly particle system which is a good start to add atmosphere and positive fantasy into my work. I would like the sky to have a harsher direction, create more contrast and atmosphere in my work and this is something I will continue to do.

I am incredibly happy with the warmth of the inside of the teapot, the light incoming through the window looks very attractive. I tried to mostly use stylized assets, however I feel as though I will have to increase the amount in my scene to give a more 'lived' feel. I am excited for how it will look in the future, there is still a lot left to do!

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