3D Work


Mystery: Lighting Practice

I wanted to practice my lighting within Maya and Vray between second and third year, I was focusing on the emotion of mystery and suspense. I feel as though I have improved my storytelling through composition and lighting.


Software used: Maya, VRay 


2nd Year Group Project

Here is the final output for my second university year group project. I was responsible for the lighting, compositing, scenes of animating and helped with furniture modelling and texturing too. I am incredibly happy about the outcome of our work. 


Software used: Maya, VRay 


Unreal Engine:

Teapot Bakery

As part of my real time graphics module, I created this teapot bakery scene within Unreal Engine. My key focus was lighting and lookdev, I learnt the software from scratch in order to make an immersive experience. It was a steep learning curve but I'm happy with my result, which I wanted to look reminiscent of a Beatrix Potter illustration


Software used: Unreal Engine, Maya 


Lighting: Easter Competition

Taking part in my university's 3D Lighting & Lookdev competition I created this scene based on the given theme and assets, ocean pollution. I loved doing this 2-week competition using Maya and VRay, it taught me about time management and how to get creative with given assets for sure! 

Software used: Maya, VRay 


XGen: Introduction to Groom

I experimented with Maya's XGen. I tried very different hairstyles to maximize my experience. I learnt about how to place my guides efficiently, and the importance of modifiers. I thoroughly enjoyed learning this software and completed both of these pieces within a week, from never hearing of XGen to producing work.  

Software used: Maya, XGen, VRay 


Lighting & Rendering: Morning bath

This second year university project was focused on creating lighting and materials in Maya, rendering with VRay and the final composition in Nuke; it was focusing on a single frame. I was aiming for a sense of loneliness and a physically cold environment. 

Software used: Maya, Nuke, VRay 


Modelling and texturing: Gneiss

While working on this second year university project focusing on material development, I decided to do a study on gneiss and attempted to recreate this using Mari. The key striped pattern was drawn by me in Photoshop and used to create this effect. 


Software used: Zbrush, Maya, Mari, VRay, Adobe Photoshop 


Modelling and texturing: Human bust

For a second year university project we had to take a detailed zbrush model, which I also created, from sculpt to final render with pipeline retopology and texturing. 


Software used: Zbrush, Maya, Mari, VRay, Adobe Photoshop