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  • Madeleine Boyce

Using XGen in Maya: First Attempt At Groom

I was unsure of where to begin with Xgen. I research different people's work and ended up watching a lot of time-lapses. I found that there wasn't much information on XGen, but I had enough to begin my experimentation. For the ginger hairstyle, I used long guides that went from the forehead to where the bun would begin, then added a separate torus model for the bun, and had my guides wrapping around it to achieve the bun look. At this point, the hairstyle was beginning to take shape, but I thought it was too simple. I used many layers of clumping, noise, and curling. This is what gave the hair its texture. Adding the stray hairs was definitely interesting in itself. I used two guides and linked the clumping directly to them to give the aesthetic, but natural twirling look.

I wanted to create a more traditional hairstyle secondly. This was harder than I anticipated, getting the balance between too much and not enough clumping was difficult. Masking the regions was essential to having the different lengths and modifiers; after experimenting with this I was starting to get something that looked familiar.

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