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  • Madeleine Boyce

Lighting Easter Competition: Ocean Pollution

I joined in with my university's Easter Competition, The theme was announced as Ocean Pollution and the assets were provided by the university. I began by experimenting with the assets within Maya, many of which had major mesh issues, and fixing these issues would've taken too long. I used what I could and began thinking about composition, I added simple textures using VRay and remodelled the tire to have proper ridges. Some of my early feedback was that the surface looked like a submarine instead, so I adjust the layout and lighting to reflect rubbish pollution instead. I ran out of time to fully polish my composition. I would love to do more short competitions again, and will be looking out for these for sure! Most of the 'ocean' effect came from god rays produced within VRay's environment fog, I didn't use water caustics.

Here is a super simple breakdown of my process.

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